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Digital Media

Digital Media

Equipping and training the emerging Afghan church

Pamir Ministries develops digital media in the languages of Afghanistan. Here are just some of the activities that our Digital Media department undertakes:

"He got our number from Facebook... He asked if there is a site he can read the Bible in Dari? I was able to send him an SMS with our Dari Bible web address. He thanked us." (discipleship worker)


We publish websites in Afghan languages (predominently Dari and Pashto). Some represent our own ministries and others represent partnerships. Many of our websites also have English pages available so you can see what is there. Here are some Examples:

Hope 4 Afghans is our primary media website for Afghan Christian Videos, Radio and TV Programmes, as well as Articles. We promote the site on our physical media materials and you can get hope4afghans business cards at our Media Centre site.

We hope that the Afghan Bibles website will form the basis of a new Afghan Bible Association. The site also includes text-audio sychronisation for people who are partially-literate when viewing and listening to the Gospel of Matthew.

On the TV sites, we are working to make TV channel streams from our saved programmes. We publish our TV programmes and other materials onto YouTube.

Phone Apps

We produce phone apps to make God's word accessible to the huge number of people in Afghanistan who now own a mobile phone. Our scripture apps even work on many non-smartphones. You can visit our Afghan Apps website to get these apps.

Old PhonesOlder Phones
New PhonesNewer Phones
Bible courseBible Study course (new)

Social Networking

Use of Facebook and other networks is growing in Afghanistan. We have a number of Facebook pages. Some represent our own ministries and a some represent partnerships. Every day we post, comment and supply media to a growing online audience.

SD Cards

We aim to make all possible video, audio, text and apps available on SD cards. Our partners and co-workers carry these cards, and we can supply these through our Afghan Media Centre site to people in the diaspora.

SD Card

IT Resourcing

Our team provides IT support for partners and co-workers in a number of organisations. We work together to fulfil the great commission.

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