Donate to the work of Pamir Ministries

Pamir Ministries is a field of Operation Mobilisation, and depends on the regular support of partners in order to reach out to the precious Afghan people through media and discipleship work.

Thank you for your partnership. You are making a difference!

It is possible to give to the work of Pamir Ministries through any OM office worldwide. Simply tell the office that you wish to donate to "Pamir Ministries Fund 0057". Some online options are shown below. Most countries can supply receipts for tax purposes.

Supporting team members: Whilst Pamir raises funds for its projects, each member of our team is expected to raise funds for their own salary. If you wish to designate a donation to a staff member rather than OM or Pamir general funds, please be sure to specify their name.


OM UK Online Giving

Type "Pamir Ministries Fund 0057" in the comments box

OM Germany Online Giving

Please put "Pamir Ministries - Fund 0057" in the "Name des Projekts" box

OM Switzerland Online Giving

Please choose "Sonstige Projekte" and then type "Pamir Ministries - Fund 0057" in the "Bemerkungen" box

OM Sweden Online Giving

Choose "Ge engångsgåva" for one-off gifts, and please type "Pamir Ministries Fund 0057" in the "Ev. särskilt ändamål" / Meddelande / Önskemål / Comments box

OM Norway Giving

Mark your giving "Pamir Ministries Fund 0057" and use Konto: 3000.14.81009 Vipps: 103515

OM Australia Online Giving

That link mentions Pamir's TV operations, because that is a focus in Australia, however the link does give to Pamir centrally. Any queries or requests please call (03) 8820 3200 and mention "Pamir Ministries Fund 0057"

📞 +1 289 478 1189