Pamir Ministries - Hope for Afghans



Equipping and training the emerging Afghan church

We produce, publish and distribute scripture. In partnership with others, we published the first complete Bible for Afghanistan in 2008 in the Dari language. Members of our team participate in Bible translation projects, aiming to put good quality translations of the Bible into the hands of Afghans in their own language/dialect.

We support the formation of a new Afghan Bible Association, and have created the website to represent the combined effort for Afghanistan.

We air this video on Christian and secular TV stations reaching Afghanistan.

Bibles and scripture portions can be viewed online or downloaded to a mobile phone at the Afghan Bibles website. On some passages of scripture it is now possible to listen to scripture and see the words highlighted as spoken. Try it here (press play to listen)

Bibles and New Testaments can be ordered by mail at the Afghan Resource Centre
📞 +1 289 478 1189